How to use logging chainsaw

Source: Yongkang Yichuan Machinery Co., Ltd.Release time: 2021-05-28

Every time you use the chain saw, you must first loosen the clamp slightly according to the purpose of the operation, rotate the reduction box to make the orientation of the guide plate consistent with the purpose of the operation, and then clamp the clamp. When the clamping force of the clamp is insufficient, the adjusting nut can be tightened to increase the clamping force. When sawing wood, first insert the lowest tooth of the inserting tooth into the trunk to stabilize the saw, and then slowly increase the throttle to perform cutting. The force applied to the saw handle should be adapted to the power of the engine. As soon as the sawing phenomenon is found, the throttle should be quickly reduced and the saw should be withdrawn at the same time. It is strictly forbidden to open the throttle when the saw chain is jammed, as this will cause high temperatures. , Make the clutch spring ineffective, or greatly reduce the service life of the clutch.

The chain saw should also pay attention to the correct movement of the chain saw when sawing wood, and the guide plate is not allowed to be twisted and deflected. When the tree is about to be cut off, the wooden inserts should be pulled out, otherwise the wooden inserts may break easily and even cause accidents. Moreover, during short-time transfer during operation, the chain saw should not be turned off, but should be idling, but ensure that the saw chain does not rotate to avoid accidents. The engine should be turned off when refueling in the middle, and the oil circuit switch should be turned off, because refueling when the engine is running is prone to fire. Before the chain saw is stopped, the engine should be idle for 1-2 minutes before turning off the circuit switch to stop, and then turning off the oil circuit switch after stopping.