Common faults and treatment of electric tool casing

Source: Yongkang Yichuan Machinery Co., Ltd.Release time: 2021-05-28

The housing of electric tools is mainly composed of three materials, made of aluminum or plastic or iron.

Common faults and treatment of electric tool casing

1. Broken, generally need to be replaced, plastic welding torch can be used to repair welding when the machine cannot be purchased outside

2. The bearing is worn out. Generally, it needs to be replaced with a new one. When it cannot be purchased, the outer ring of the bearing can be tinned.

3. Deformation makes the stator and the rotor sweep the bore, and the paper can be inserted between the stator and the casing to adjust the position of the stator so that the rotor and the stator do not sweep the bore

Replacement method and precautions

1. The electric drill uses two plastic shells to clamp the iron core rotor type. The fixing screws must not be missing, otherwise it will cause the stator and rotor to sweep the bore. If the bolts are not tightened, you can replace them with longer or thinner screws to solve the problem.

2. The quality of assembly is very important.

3. Iron bearing sleeves are embedded in some plastic shell bearing chambers. When removing the bearings of the loose rack, please be careful to avoid removing them

4. For the plastic shell of the electric drill, if the fixing screw of the shell is not tightened tightly, there may be a borehole failure. The solution is to use a longer screw or a thicker screw to strengthen it, or you can cut the long screw to make it shorter. use,

5. For electric tools with plastic shell, when the bearing is locked and does not rotate, the plastic shell may be overheated and melted and cannot be used, or cracks may occur, causing it to be unusable.